Volunteering, Work / Trade, Scholarships

The information below is from Desert Spring 2019. This page will be updated closer to the 2021 dance weekend. At this time no significant changes are expected for 2021.

Desert Spring is completely run by volunteers.  Many hands make light work, and the efforts of volunteers makes this weekend possible. If you are interested in helping out with a small or large task during the weekend, please indicate your interest on your registration form or send a quick email to us at desertspringcontra (at) gmail.com.

Work Trade:
Desert Spring is looking for enthusiastic dancers who are also worker bees to fill work/trade positions. All recipients pay the full registration fee before the weekend; after completing weekend jobs, they will receive a refund of the work trade amount. Standard work/trade positions are available for $50 in exchange for approximately 4 hours of work.  Work/trade tasks often occur during dance or workshop times.  Extended work/trade positions may be available- a larger refund in exchange for more hours of work.

If you are interested in a work/trade position, please send an email to desertspringcontra (at) gmail.com with the subject ‘Work Trade’.

If a work trade position will not cover all the costs, you are encouraged to consider requesting a scholarship.  Scholarship recipients are expected to spend about 4 hours helping set up, during, or pack up at the end of the weekend. Please note that you may need to miss some dances to complete your assigned task.

If interested in a scholarship, please submit a request, below. Requests will considered in the order received based on the priorities below, your need and available funds.

Scholarship Priorities: All scholarship requests will be considered. In the event there are more requests than funds available, requests will be considered utilizing the following priorities:
– Dancers under 30 years in age.
– Dancers in fields with low salaries such as social work, child care, nonprofit work.  Dancers currently unemployed or underemployed (not retired).


Please answer these questions, and email your completed request to desertspringcontra (at) gmail.com with “Scholarship Request” as the subject. You may also mail your request to:

Desert Spring, c/o Carl Morgan
2304 E. Euclid Ave.
Phoenix AZ  85042

1.  Name and contact information.

2.  Give a brief description of yourself and your involvement in folk dance.  How long have you been dancing, where do you dance, etc?

3.  What circumstances in your life make this scholarship important to enable you to attend this weekend of community and dance?

4.  If a scholarship is provided,

a.  What type of work activities would you be interested in (snacks, raffle, set-up, tear down)?

b.  When would you be available to work?  Are you available to help set up before the weekend starts on Friday and / or tear down after the weekend ends Sunday afternoon?