The Talent

An energetic dance band from Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle, the Free Raisins fuse New England roots with a modern groove.  The Free Raisins are:
   Audrey Knuth — Fiddle
   Jeff Kaufman — Mandolin, Brass, Feet
   Amy Englesberg — Piano, Accordion
They promise a versatile mix of supremely danceable tunes—come out and get your two scoops worth!

The Lizards are a New England based dance band featuring a trio of musicians fervent with the desire and talent to ignite flames under dancing feet. With a wide ranging and hopelessly eclectic repertoire including everything from Irish and Scottish traditional jigs and reels to Balkan, blues and swing tunes (often juxtaposed next to each other) the Latter Day Lizards bring excellent musicianship, playfulness, drama and unrelentingly infectious rhythm to their dance performances. With Kate Barnes on piano, guitar and flute, Bill Tomczak on clarinet, sax and drum and Dave Langford on guitar and fiddle, they blend swing, rock-and-roll and jazz influences with traditional foot-stomping dance music to make an innovative, spontaneous and rhythmically inflammatory sound.

CIS HINKLE, who has delighted dancers since 1985 with her skilled teaching, welcoming manner, playful enthusiasm, and masterful selection of dances, considers herself a ‘facilitator of fun’. She’s in great demand at music and dance festivals all over the US, England, Denmark, and beyond. When not on the road, Cis teaches tai chi classes in her native Atlanta, Georgia.

Will Mentor is a contra and square dance caller from northern Vermont known for his clear teaching, upbeat wit, and relaxed stage presence. He loves to choreograph evenings with a variety of dances and tempos that at times surprise and always delight. All the while, keeping intact his guiding principle as a caller: “It’s about the dancers!”.​