To register for Desert Spring 2019 complete the registration form below for each person attending the weekend and provide full payment.  Registration will not be considered complete until payment has been received- either by check (pay at the door) or through Paypal.  

The registration fee gives you access to all dance and workshop sessions, snacks, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, the raffle, and clothing exchange.

Registering more than 1 person:
If registering with another dancer(s), complete a registration form (below) for each dancer and provide payment for all dancers that are registered.

Pre-registration is required for this weekend. Completed forms will be processed in the order payment is received.  Registration for the weekend will not be lead - follow balanced.

Desert Spring has the right to give preference to dancers who volunteer to help make our weekend possible; this applies to volunteers and recipients of work trade positions.

We reserve the right to refuse registration or admission to anyone whose behavior has been judged by the dance organizers to be disruptive, harassing, or dangerous.  


December 1, 2018 ~ Registration opens 

April 7 ~ Final day for guaranteed refund; refunds will be granted on or before this date.  After April 7; refunds will be contingent on finding a replacement from our waiting list.

April 20  ~ Final day to complete registration by mail.  After April 20, complete your registration online (below and via Paypal), or contact our registrar Judy Norman at judy.norman@juno.com, or 602-380-2391 cell/text.

April 26 - 28 ~  Dance, Dance, DANCE!

Regular registration ~    $160                                         Scholarships may be available.  See the

Dancers 30 and under ~ $85                                           Volunteering . . . Scholarships page for

Non-dancing adults or children ~  $15                           more info.

Dancing Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
For special rates for dancing families, contact our registrar, Judy (see below).

QUESTIONS / MORE INFO on registering for Desert Spring:  Contact  Judy Norman at: 
judy.norman@juno.com or 602-380-2391 cell/text.  She usually replies to emails within a few days.
You can also send questions using the contact us form on the 'About, Contact' webpage.

Note your total payment amount.

It will be needed when completing payment via Paypal or check.

When you click submit, you will be given the option to pay  online using a Paypal account or by credit card (no Paypal account required).  

To pay by check, please contact our Treasurer, Margaret at quiltdancer@gmail.com.

See the Housing page for more info.

After you click Submit, you should see a new page with a message that your registration was submitted, along with payment options. It may take a few seconds. If you do not see the registration submitted message, please review your completed registration form, above for any required information (with a "*") that is missing, then click Submit again.

Your registration is complete when your payment has been received. If registering as a couple, please complete a form for each person. You may make one payment by credit card through PayPal or by check for the cost of both dancers. To create a new registration form, click on 'Registration' in the navigation menu at the top left side of this page.

When you click submit, you will be given the option to pay

- online using a Paypal account or by credit card (no Paypal account required). 

- by check.  Please contact our registrar, Judy (contact info below) if you want to pay by check. Make your check payable to Dance In AZ

Please note the deadline to mail checks is April 20. After that date, use Paypal, or contact the registrar, Judy Norman at judy.norman@juno.com or 602-380-2891 cell/text.

To request a work trade, send an email to desertspringcontra@gmail.com.  See the Volunteering / Work Trade page for more info.

Note:  All questions with a * must be completed before a form can be submitted.  If the 'Submit' button is greyed out, check to make sure all the required questions have been completed.

Please make sure to select one cost option.

REGISTRATION FORM                                               Note:  * indicates a required field.